Adjustable Corrector X-Shape Corset Back Brace Straightener Upper Shoulder Spine Support Belt Posture Correction For Men Women



  1.          Helps Pull Your Shoulder Back To Prevent From Having Humpback And Straighten The Spine For Better Blood Flow.
  2.          Improve Your Posture Position With This Brace For Extra Support On Your Shoulder
  3.           Pulls shoulders back to align clavicle and provide posture supports
  4.          Lightweight, Washable, and Easy to Wear at Home, Work, or While Exercising. Comfortably Worn Over or Under Clothes.
  5.          Indicated to improve poor posture in men and women, helps with collar bone pain recovery from minor clavicle fractures and injuries


Stand tall and feel good with this easy to wear posture support band. It gently and comfortably pulls the shoulders back to prevent slouching giving you the right posture. Proper posture aids in circulation so you feel good instantly. The back shoulder support is adjustable, which lets you adjust the size to custom fit your need, completely undetectable under clothing. Widely used by dancers and equestrians. This belt is highly recommended by chiropractors and physical therapists.

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