Anti Snoring & Teeth Grinding Mouth Guard Devices Solution Aid With Case For Better Quiet Sleep All The Night


Product description:

This mouth piece help you to prevent your snoring
and grinding problem so you can sleep without
making any noise and sleep peacefully
with your family.
The Anti-Snore and Anti-Grinding Solution is made
of silicone so you can put it in your mouth
comfortably by fitting your mouth shape.
The Anti-Snore and Anti-Grinding Solution will be
delivered in a blue case which will keep it
clean when you take it off.
ANTI-SNORE: The Anti-Snore and Anti-Grinding Solution helps you to sleep better, you and your family by preventing your snoring problem.
ANTI-GRINDING: The mouthpiece also protects your teeth by being an anti grinding solution
SHAPE MODELING: The mouth piece fits any mouth size by modeling the shape of your mouth
EASY USE: The Anti-Snore and Anti-Grinding Solution use the high quality and it is not toxic. You can use it as many time as you want by cleaning after use it.
REMINDER: Before the first use, you should blanching it. When you reused the Anti-Snore and Anti-Grinding Solution, please clean it.

How to use it:
1 – Insert the blue handle into tray breath hole, then
put into container
2 – Put hot water (about 70-80 degree C) into
container till the tray is submerged
3 – Keep the tray in water for about 15-25 seconds,
then take out the tray using the insert handle
4 – Gently shake off the excess water and insert the
mouth tray into mouth. Adjust the tray to a
comfortable position and then bite on, using
your fingers to the tray around the front and sides to make a good mold of your teeth and gum
5 – Remove the tray, after you feel that all your teeth
have left good impressions on it.
6 – Put the shaped tray into cool water to fix your
anti snore tray, and take out the insert handle.

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