Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Heartbeat Portable Tonometer Arm Cuff Heart Beat Meter Machine Home Health Care

Product Features

99sets of storage 2 people IHB arrhythmia detection, WHO blood pressure classification.Intelligense pressurize,

LCD screen,three colours of backlight optional

Voltage power detection,Low power consumption

Dimention 126×100×53mm not include Wristbands

Display Digital liquid crystal display

Accuracy ±3mmHg ±0.4kPa

Fashionable outward,Light and compact,suitable for health care medical field,familes and adult

Auto power off:Auto power off when no operation for 1 minute

Note : it is without voice function.

Packing information

Box volume 11.2cmX10.2cmX16.2cm

OuterBox volume 46.8cmX30.3cmX50cm

weight each one is about 500 grams, 30 per carton,per carton weight 18 kg

Certificates:CE ISO13485 ROHS

Why and when you need choose an upper arm blood pressure monitor tonometer?

The elderly whose vascular wall has poor flexibility. In this case, wrist blood pressure’s result maybe lower than the real. Because wrist is the nerve endings, hypertensive patients may be complicated as arterial stenosis, blood clots and other vascular diseases, so the elderly use Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is more accurate than Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor!

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