Hair Growth Essence Professional Salon Hairstyles Keratin Hair Care Styling Products Anti Hair Loss Dense 30ml



  • For All Types of Hair 100% NATURAL Anti-Hair Loss : Solution To All Hair Issues . Repairs Damaged Hair & Repairs Bald Patches For Both Purpose Hair Loss & Hair Care. Rapid Hair Growth Hair Strengthen.
  • 100% Pure Organic Herbs & seeds extracts OIL .Main ingredient:Angelica -Promote hair growth .Seabuckthorn -Contains a lot of vitamins A and E. Prevent hair loss. Arborvitae:Prevent white hair growth. And Polygonum-Black hair and Tonifying kidney.
  • Anti-Dandruff, Better Sleep, Cools the Head & Calms the Mind, Premature Grey/silver, No Side Effects, Ancient Remedy.For Both Men & Women
  • Makes your hair Shiny, Thick, Gorgeous, Very Attractive in Days Get to Root of Problem. Healthy hair starts with healthy scalp. Organic Herbs & seeds extracts & essential nutrients nourish hair follicles, repairs damage & promotes hair growth
  • We are known for our high quality products, A+ service, and product integrity. When you order now, you can rest assured knowing you’ll be using a high-quality product. Our family are users and customers.


Our  Organic Herbs & seeds extracts oil will help you soften, moisturize, and nourish your hair and skin to showcase your beauty.our hair oil for hair growth is easy to administer and use oil will produce results, one drop at a time.

Net Weight: 30ml

How to Use?

1.After wet hair.

2. Squeeze out  hair essential oil ,attach to the hair.

3. Repeatedly massage hair with it to make the “hair essential oil” attach onto the root of every hair, focus on both temples, massage for 4-6 minutes till foam becomes dry, then rinse off with clear water;

4.Use it 3-4 times a week  to achieve better effect.

Package including:1 psc *100% Pure Natural hair essential oil

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