Lymphatic Drainage Ginger Massage Oil Is A Great Natural Solution For Lymphatic Drainage, Edema, Spider Veins And Varicose Veins


Extracted from ginger root, ginger oil benefits you by relieving swelling & pain by its warming and anti-inflammatory properties

Containing a healing blend of herbal oil for your lymphatic health, it boosts detoxification and the removal of excessive fluids.


Rapidly reduces swelling from lymphedema
Unblocks clogged lymph nodes, which help with immunity
Decreases swollen glands after surgery or injury and inflammation
Reduces adipose tissues & fat cells
Stimulates expulsion of waste products & toxins


Active Ingredients: Ginger Oi, Ginger Root Extracts, Jojoba Seed Oil
Volume: 30ml
For external use only

Massage oil 1-2 times daily for lymphatic drainage, focusing on areas around neck, knees and armpits if necessary.
Apply after a warm bath is recommended.

How to use:


—First apply the hot towel to the affected area. After a few minutes, take a small amount of ginger essential oil and put it on the palm evenly.

—Finally massage on the skin for a few minutes.

—Helps reduce arthritis, rheumatic pain, muscle cramps and sprains.

—After finishing your day’s work, sit on the sofa and have a massage for your muscles.


—Put 5-8 drops of ginger oil in a bath of warm water.

—Soothes the skin and relieves muscle fatigue and soreness. Make skin firm and elastic.

—Lymphatic detoxification: promotes blood circulation, metabolizes body water, excretes toxins and loses weight.

3.Hair Care:

—Add 3-4 drops of ginger oil to shampoo or conditioner when you wash your hair.

—Effectively prevent dandruff, long-term use can prevent hair loss and can also promote hair growth.

4.Cold treatment:

—Soak your feet with hot water for about 15 minutes while massaging feet with a little ginger oil.

—Promotes blood circulation and lowers blood pressure. This method is also effective for cold, headache, and cough.

—In the cold winter, soaking your feet with hot water becomes a kind of enjoyment, so that your hands and feet are no longer cold and improve sleep quality.

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