Plantar Fasciitis Cushion Arch Support Wrap Heel Pain Foot Sleeve Pain Relief Shock Foot Care Healthy Beauty Product


Plantar Fasciitis Cushion Arch Support lifts plantar fascia tissue, the band of connective tissue that maintains the arch, to help relieve arch and heel pain. This is the perfect solution to ease your arch and heel from pain almost immediately. Sewn-in Sealed Ice gel pads, located on each side of calcaneous below the level of the talon-calcaneal joint, limit lateral and medial movement of the heel and provide soothing cold therapy to reduce heel inflammation. Gently lifts problem arches to a natural position that evenly distributes pressure to help reduce inflammation of the Plantar Fascia tissue. The sleeve is light, comfortable, easy to adjust, and easy to walk with while on. Podiatrist designed and recommended. Help your feet with what they need!!!

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