Portable Air Conditioner Cooler

Portable Air Conditioner Cooler


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Rechargeable Portable Mini Air Conditioner Cooler 

[Fast cooling fan]: Circulate air to keep the room cool and make you more comfortable in every corner of the room. The combination of wet curtain and ice curtain can reduce the temperature in a short time. The small, convenient shape doesn't take up space and lets you spend a cool summer.

[Three-layer refrigeration] The unique honeycomb corrugated pulp wet curtain can be soaked in water for a long time without odor. Longer service life and more significant cooling effect.

[Adjustable air outlet and 180-degree speed control knob] The freely adjustable shutter air outlet can supply air up and down 90 degrees to accelerate air circulation and easily create a cool summer. There is no water in the water tank inside the package. 180 -degree speed control knob design, no fixed gear setting, more free adjustment, choose the desired wind speed.

[Night light mode and portable USB power] Turn on / off the night light mode by pressing the LED button with one button. Create a warm and comfortable environment, and you can also enjoy the coolness while sleeping at night. Portable handle design, easy to carry, suitable for any occasion, powered by USB, compatible with PC / laptop, mobile power, AC adapter and other USB supported power sources.

[Continuous cooling] The configuration of 2 ice boxes can replace the ice in turn, so that the ice can't stop.

Please clean and maintain the product as follows:
1. Turn off the power and unplug the power cord
2. Pour out the water and clean the water tank with a soft brush or sponge
3. Wet curtains are replaced regularly
4. Clean ice-making parts in time
5. General troubleshooting

1. The light is off: turn on the product's LED switch
2. The cooling effect is not perfect: the ice tray is used for making ice, and the wet curtain is used for the first time to soak in water
3. Does not turn on: the product needs to be turned to the initial state before turning on again after power off. 

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